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Graduation Requirements



Credit Requirements

Each student is required to earn a minimum of 220 semester periods of credit.
Credit is generally granted in blocks of five units: a one period class for one semester granting five units of credit. Failure to achieve five credits in those classes shall result in an “F” grade and the granting of no credit.

Subject Area Requirements

A student must pass forty (40) semester periods of English. Courses in these 40 semester periods shall equal to rigor of the California Content Standards.

Each student must pass thirty (30) semester periods of mathematics as approved by the school. Algebra content must be included in the twenty semester hours per Ed Code 51224.5. Students must pass thirty semester units of mathematics as approved by the school, including Algebra I or the equivalent. Students will be enrolled in math classes in grades 9- 11.

Each student must pass thirty (30) semester periods of social science including United States History; World History and Culture; and American Government/ Civics, and Economics.

Each student must pass thirty (30) semester periods of science, including biological and physical science. Except for students in below standards classes requiring impacted schedules, students will enroll in science courses during grades 9-11. All students are required to pass thirty units in science, ten of which must be in life science and ten in physical science.

Each student must pass twenty (20) semester periods of physical education unless exempted pursuant to provisions of the California Ed. Code. Physical Ed. is required in the 9th grade.

Each student must pass ten (10) semester periods of Visual and Performing Arts or Foreign Language.

Each student must pass 10 semester periods of Applied Arts of which 5 are in technology internet classes.

Each student must pass one semester (.5 of a year) of State Health Requirements (*Health). *Health includes the following subjects required by the Education Code: First Aid, Narcotics, Dangerous Drugs and Alcohol, Fire Prevention, Safety and Accident Prevention, HIV Prevention. All students are required to pass thirty units in science, ten must be in life science and ten must be in physical science.


a) English Language Development courses satisfy English requirement up to thirty semester periods, upon successful completion of English 1 or higher;
b) Comparable courses may satisfy requirement with mutual approval of both departments;
c) One course may fulfill only one requirement;
d) Specific requirements may be waived by the principal for students who transfer to the school at a grade level beyond that in which the required course is normally offered;
e) Each student will complete 40 hours of unpaid community experience, service, and/or job shadowing projects as part of their coursework.