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Exclusion List

Exclusion List


Greeting Mariners! 

The Exclusion list still exists and it is being updated weekly. Remember you will be added to the exclusion list if you fail to attend detentions that result from tardiness and or fail to attend Saturday School as a result of unexcused absences. It is your responsibility to monitor and reconcile any attendance issues. Please be sure to check your attendance, at the attendance window or via School Loop on a regular basis. If you have any questions;

  1.  Please report to the attendance window and ask for a printout of your attendance,
  2. Review your attendance record to determine the number of unexcused tardies or absences you have accrued.  (Remember 6 unexcused absences = one Saturday School and 3 unexcused tardies = one after school detention)
  3. Attend the appropriate number of Saturday School’s or after school detentions.
  4. Check to see that you have been cleared from the list (updated weekly.)
  5. And finally……talk with Mr. Slyder or Rose about any concerns you might have

Again if you are on the Exclusion List you are excluded from all AHS sponsored events including Prom and the AHS graduation ceremony. Good Luck Mariners!