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2017-2018 ASB/Student Government Class—Committee Chairs

School Board Reps:

Rebecca Faulk

Logan Chamberlain

Kaitlynn Pimentel

Manuel Madrigal

Student Leadership Council Reps:


Site Council Reps:


Class Manager:

Koya Oki

Rally Chair:

Spencer Clarke

Publications Chair:

Olivia Ervin

Communications Chair:

Jonathon Halstead

Club Council Chair:

Rosalie Jimenez

Community Service Chair:

Beck Escalante

Athletics Rep:

Rebecca Faulk


Jordan Wagner

Faculty Chair:

Jaseave Blanco

Media Chair:

Carrie Frost


Isaac Gonzalez

Activities Chair:

Megan Major

ASB / Activities


Mission Statement

As the Associated Student Body, we provide leadership and strive to create a high school environment in which all students feel well-represented and unified. We work toward achieving a safe, positive, and spirited atmosphere that makes students proud to be Mariners. We will accomplish these goals though planning school-wide activities and events. Overall, our purpose is to create the best experience for Aptos High School students today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.


ASB President:

Logan Chamberlain

ASB Vice President:

Kaitlynn Pimentel

ASB Treasurer:

Trinity Lampman

ASB Secretary:

Cameron Coffey

Senior Class President:

Koya Oki

Senior Class Vice President:

Olivia Ervin

Senior Class Treasurer:

Manuel Madrigal

Senior Class Secretary:

Jonathon Halstead

Junior Class President:

Marcos Reyes

Junior Class Vice President:


Junior Class Treasurer:


Junior Class Secretary:

Hallie Lovelace

Sophomore Class President:


Sophomore Class Vice-President:


Sophomore Class Treasurer:


Sophomore Class Secretary:


Freshmen Class President:       


Freshmen Class Vice-President:        


Freshmen Class Treasurer:       


Freshmen Class Secretary:       





Alyssa Mendoza (831) 728-7832 ex: 5261 Activities Director / ABS Teacher