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Additional Information

Production Facts

Director/Producer/Costume and Make Up Design/Publicity & Photography

Stacy Aronovici

Orchestra Conductor

Terrel Eaton

Costume Design Committee

Haley Irvin, Jessica Pierini, Alina Goodman, Maddy Welty

Set Design

Stacy Aronovici & D Parr

Antigone - Fall '12


Technical Crew

Technical Director/Lighting Designer

D Parr

Light Board Engineer

TJ Von Schmacht

Sound Board Engineer

Becky Cassar

Sound Effects Coordinator

Marikin Ziegler

Stage Manager

Alina Goodman

Assistant Stage Manager

Brianna Martin

House Manager

Courtney Laschkewitsch

Stage Hand

Carrie Cochran, Lizzie Gervais

Tech Crew

Becky Cassar, Jeremy Locatelli, Daniel Mitchener, Johnny Mullin, Caleb Wildman

Scenic Artists

Lizzie Gervais, Alina Goodman, Brianna Martin

Set Construction

Lizzie Gervais, Alina Goodman, Brianna Martin, Daniel Mitchener, Johnny Mullin, TJ Von Schmacht, Caleb Wildman





Main Characters

Antigone, daughter of Oedipus - Pilar Pozo

Ismene, her sister - Maddy Welty

Creon, now King of Thebes - Jordan Pierini

Haemon, his son, Antigone's fiance - Diego Cantu Gil

Eurydice, Creon's wife - Autumn Knapp

Sentry, a soldier - Matt Myers

Klemos, a guard-messenger - Richard Garrett

Scribe - Tommy Woodward

The Chorus and the Gods

Jacob Baker

Maddy Dufek

Heather Ebeling

Lexie Farr

Samantha Garrison

Richard Garrett

Dalton Haines-Scrodin

Brittany Kyle

Alice Long

Maddy Mouw

Mckenzie Phelps

Dakota Tittle

Tommy Woodward

Marikin Ziegler