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Community Service

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Community Service Guidelines

All students must complete 40 community service hours to graduate from Aptos High School, or any school in PVUSD. 

Ten hours are required each year in school. Students cannot be credited with more than 10 hours per year with the exception of the senior year. 

Students who are new to AHS, but have attended another PVUSD school, are still required to complete 40 hours of Community Service to be eligible for graduation.  Students who are new to AHS and new to PVUSD schools are required to complete hours a year for the years they attend AHS. 

The Community Service requirement is meant to foster an ethic of volunteerism that is part of everyday life where the volunteering is integrated and balanced with other obligations.

Community service hours are defined as hours spent working for a non-profit group, or organization that benefits the community. You cannot be paid for compensated for these hours in any way. 

Community Service Activities (These count for Community Service):

  •   Volunteering for non-profit groups such as schools, youth organizations, beach clean-up organizations, church groups, etc.;
  •   Creating your own community service projects! Design your own and have a teacher or staff member be your advisor;
  •   Fundraising for non-profit organizations like the Red Cross, American Cancer Society, or others;
  •   After hours school-related volunteering, such as helping out with back-to-school night, Freshman orientation, volunteering with a teacher after-school, etc. You may only count 10 of these hours towards your 40 hour requirement.

Non-Community Service Activities (These DO NOT count):

  •   Class assignments and field trips.
  •   School fundraising activities for clubs, sports teams, or other group;
  •   Activities for which you are PAID
  •  Working for “free” for a friend or family member’s business.
  • Court-mandated community service OR community service that is required as part of a class;


If you need help in finding a place or coming up with ideas, please see your counselor.


Document your hours using the



Remember to have your Community Service Adviser sign the Community Service Hours Verification Form and then submit the completed form to your Tutorial Teacher.

Verification Form

Need help talking to a new organization?



Teacher Directions for Adding Community Service hours to School Loop Tutorial Class Gradebook:

1.      Login.

2.      Click on Gradebook next to Tutorial.

3.      Click: Add New Assignment

4.      Click Assign To: Tutorial

5.      For Assignment call it: Community Service Hours

6.      Click Publish In: Gradebook Only

7.      Leave Category as: Assignment

8.      For Max Points put: 10

9.      Under Details type: Each Point Equals One Community Service Hour.

10.  Click: Publish

11.  Give Students One Point for Each Community Service Hour Earned.

More Points Can Be Added As Students Acquire Additional Hours.

Local Organizations:

AHS School Newspaper

American Red Cross

Animal Services

CA Native Plant Society

California Grey Bears

Camp Koinonia (Science Camp)

Dominican Hospital

Habitat for Humanity

New Life Santa Cruz Homeless Shelter

Pajaro Valley Homeless Shelter

Santa Cruz Homeless Shelter

Second Harvest Food Bank

United Way

Youth for Environmental Sanity

Or look for more organizations at:

Idealist Match Service

Santa Cruz Public Library's Teens Page

Volunteer Initiative Program

Volunteer Match


Other ideas include volunteering at:

A children's tutoring center

A nursing center or hospital

Your church or temple

AHS beautification day

To help a teacher after school

Create your own!

Pick something meaningful and important to you.

Stay with it for a few years and use it to earn a letter of recommendation for college!