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One Act Play Fest - Fall '16

fall play festival poster

Behind The Scenes

Producer/Scenic Design/Costumes: Stacy Aronovici

Production Stage Manager: Sophia Tatum McNeilly

Original Music Composers: Jacob Bayani, Ethan Abelar

Performance Pianists: Jacob Bayani, Ethan Abelar

Set Construction: Kevin Coffey,  Aaron Cassar, Marcelo          Manriquez, Nico Vinuela-Yodar, Luca DiGrazia, Luke Hess

Scenic Art: Stacy Aronovici, Liam Kuhn, Kaylee Leal,

Grace Loehrke, Dario Russo, Ethan Abelar, Aaron Cassar

Seamstress: Claudia Parrish

Hair and Makeup: Dianna Coffey

Head Shots: Kelly McCord

Archival Photography: Denise Russo, Kelly McCord

Poster Design: Grace Loehrke

Program: Stacy Aronovici, Sophia Tatum McNeilly

Video Archivists: Students from ROP Video Production

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Tiffany Mitchener

AHS PAC Manager: Luke Hess

Ticket Sales, Ushers, Concessions: Parent and student volunteers


Tech Crew:

Lighting: Joshua Mitchener, Sydney Bowdoin, Ava Totah, Emma Roberson, Eve Roberson, Bella McCord, Quinn Youngs, Sophia Tatum-McNeilly, Taylor Coffey, Jackson Meduri, Siena Gallo, Gin Ontiveros, Paul Nolan

Sound: Kiegan Lee, Sydney Bowdoin, Paul Nolan, Ethan Abelar, Sophia Tatum Mc-Neilly, Taylor Coffey

Props Masters: Joshua Mitchener, Sophia Tatum-McNeilly, Emma Roberson, Bella McCord

One Act Slide show

Full Program

Cast & Crew