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the mariner way at AHS
SAIL at aptos high school


In our quest to achieve our school goals: 1) Increase the percentage of students who graduate college and career ready;  2) Provide students with Common Core State Standards aligned instruction and assessments; and 3) Maintain a safe educational and social-emotional environment that fosters a caring community where students feel connected to and supported by peers and adults, and realize our Student Learner Outcomes: 1) Critical Thinkers; 2) Effective Communicators; and 3) Productive Community Members, Aptos High School is implementing Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).  Coherent and consistent school wide behavioral expectations that teach and reinforce positive behaviors are the foundation of PBIS.  This approach will provide multiple pathways for developing relationships and making positive connections.


We want all of our Mariners to display Mariner Manners during their daily interactions and to use it as their mindset in their daily approach.  By doing so, we believe that all Mariners will have a fulfilling experience, develop lifelong relationships, and achieve their goals.


The school wide behavioral expectations and reinforcement of positive behaviors are based on "The Mariner Way".   "The Mariner Way" is to live and act in such a way that Aptos High School becomes a community of positivity, inclusiveness, engagement, and achievement.  "The Mariner Way" will be applied to all settings on campus (classrooms, hallways, quad, cafeteria, restrooms, locker rooms, library, buses, parking lots, and the Office) and at off campus events.  "The Mariner Way" will be taught and reinforced through the acronym S.A.I.L.  S.A.I.L. stands for Safe Community, Aspire Higher, Integrity Oriented, and Lead by example (S.A.I.L.).  Mariners who conduct themselves in this manner will set  S.A.I.L. on a voyage to greatness. 


Mariners will be awarded points and earn rewards for exhibiting "The Mariner Way" by the Mariner Staff.  Students will need their Student Identification Cards to be awarded points as we are using 5Star Students to track a student's points for positive behaviors.   Students will be able to redeem their points for rewards.  Also, students can earn points by participating in extra and co-curricular activities and by attending certain school events.  


Mariner parents can support their student(s) by utilizing strategies that promote safety, timely communication, engagement, and achievement.   Promoting Mariner Manners and encouraging your student(s) to live "The Mariner Way" by meeting the school wide expectations will support our quest to become a community of positivity, inclusiveness, engagement, and achievement.


Please click on the images to the right for information on Mariner Manners, the school wide expectations in the different settings on and off campus based on S.A.I.L., the 5Star website for information on points, rewards, activities, events and the leaderboard, and PBIS strategies for parents to support students.



Sail Greatness
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Sail Greatness guide
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5 star student
Click on image for information on how to earn points for positive behaviors, rewards for positive behaviors, participate in activities, and events, and the leaderboard for points earned.


PBIS for Parents
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