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Production Facts

Title of play

The Ash Girl


Timberlake Wertenbaker

Type of play



Stacy Aronovici

Scenic Design

Stacy Aronovici

Costume Design

Stacy Aronovici and cast

Hair & Make-up Design 

Alice Long

McKenzie Phelps

Program & Publicity

Ms. Aronovici





The Ash Girl - Fall '13

The Ash Girl Poster

Technical Crew

Technical Director- D Parr

Caleb Wildman- Assistant Technical Director/Fly Master/Lighting Designer

Production Stage Manager -Courtney Laschkewitsch

Assistant Stage Manager, Props Master- Carrie Cochran

 Light Board Engineer- TJ Von Schmidt

Sound Designer and Engineer- Daniel Mitchener

House Manager- Lizzie Gervais





Main Characters

Ashgirl- Becky Cassar

Mother- Kara Jonnson

Judith- Lexie Farr

Ruth- Dakota Tittle

Seven Deadly Sins

Gluttontoad- Danielle Cony

Slothworm-Brian Jones

Envysnake- Alice Long

Greedmonkey- Matt Myers

Lust- Mikaela Reed

Pridefly- Josh Westgate

Angerbird- Tommy Woodward

Royal Court

Princess Zehra- Maria Abrego

Prince Amir- Jacob Baker

Paul- Dalton Hains-Scrodin

Forest & House Characters

Man in the Forest- Sam Dickson

Fairy in the Mirror- LaMaya Gross

Sadness- Autumn Knapp

Owl- Hannah McNamara

Otter- Pilar Pozo

Girlmouse- Heather Ebeling

Boymouse- Sam Roberts