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2018 WATCH Recruitment flyer AHS

What Is Watch?

WATCH is a year-long program consisting of two parts:

  1. A two-week Summer Program BEFORE taking the class.
    During the summer you’ll explore the Pajaro River Watershed, from the mountains to the dunes. We’ll hike, boogie board and more while meeting local scientists, learning about local conservation issues and restoring habitats.
  2. An Honors Laboratory Science Class during the academic school year.
    During the school year, you’ll use what you learned in the summer to design your own outdoor environmental science project and create positive impacts in your community.

Students who complete the WATCH program earn:

  1. Honors Laboratory Class Credit
  2. Community Service Hours
  3. Eligibility for a Scholarship up to $1,000!

2016-2017 AHS W.A.T.C.H. Made The World A Better Place

W.A.T.C.H. Slide Show

2015-2016 AHS W.A.T.C.H. Program Overview


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WATCH with bird and grass
WATCH Teacher
Robert Goeckermann (831) 345-7783 Biology / Life Science Teacher (Chair)
Robert Goeckermann (831) 345-7783 Biology / Life Science Teacher (Chair)
Kathryn Kriscunas (831) 728-7832 ex: 5259 AP Environmental Science / Environmental Science
Gregory McBride (831) 728-7832 ex: 5232 Marine Biology Teacher
Gretchen Miller (831) 728-7832 ex: 5142 Biological Science Teacher
Kevin Mitchener (831) 728-7832 ex: 5216 Mathematics Teacher
Karen Schmidt (831) 728-7832 ex: 5227 Chemistry and Honors Chemistry