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My Great Kids!
My Great Kids!
My Family!
My Family Again!
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Debora Notari

One Major Change! Final due date changed to Monday, May 22nd!

Due to the courageous effort of Kristen Malone (she is your hero forever) for asking, I feel it is reasonable to extend

your final due date to Monday, May 22nd.

If it is in by Friday, you will receive the usual extra credit, though.  

BUT!  There will be no more deadline changes!  :)

I thought you could use the break.

I do think you are amazing, you do know!


Happy finishing everything!



Important Due Dates!

Hi, Everyone!


I want to let you know that we have several important due dates coming up in English 2 Accelerated!

Here they are!


1.  Poetry Projects due on my desk in my classroom by 3:00 Tuesday, May 9th/ by midnight.

2.  Annotated Bibliographies Three and Four on my desk by 3:00 Friday, May 12th.

3.  Final Exam Rough Draft (at least half-way completed) in by midnight, Friday, May 12th.

4.  Annotated Bibliographies five and six on my desk by 3:00 Friday, May 19th.

5.  Final Exam Essays Due on my Desk in my Classroom by 3:00, Friday, May 19th.

6.  Presentations will be the week of May 22nd-26th. Students need to wear casual business dress, and have their Powerpoint/Prezi presentations ready.  Presentation dates will be assigned.



All due dates really matter.  If students are late, their grades will be highly impacted, as late work begins with a "C."  Do not turn work into my box in the office.  It must be in my classroom or it is late.


I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of what is up ahead.  You are amazing, brilliant students!

Hang in there with all of the stress.  You will make it!  You will shine!



Les Mis' Quiz Retakes!

Hey!  If you got less than 15 right on the Les Mis' quiz, you will be required to retake it on Monday!  I know. I know.

Big mean MN!  But, well, there were many of you who just might have neglected to read it.

BTW, there will be a different essay question!  So be ready!  :)


But I love you!



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