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School Newspaper Archive

The History of Aptos High

Did you know that Aptos High used to have a school newspaper?

When Aptos High School opened back in the fall of 1969, The Albatross was christened, allowing students to "have a voice". The paper went through many name changes over the years. It was also called The Lighthouse and The Anchor during its history.

The paper finally came to an end at the closure of the 2003-2004 school year.

Our mission is to educate the students, faculty, friends, and members of Aptos High School with the history of our beautiful campus: 

"The Jewel of the Central Coast"

Download a copy of
The Albatross' FIRST ISSUE!

Albatross V1, #1
September 8th, 1969 

Community Service Opportunity!

Community service will be given to any student(s) willing to scan back copies of the Albatros and upload them to the website.

Contact Ms. Nickel in the Library for more details.