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Grade Book Download

Download Gradebooks


  • download gradebook

    Gradebooks are not retained from year to year and are cleared out when we transition the schools shortly before the beginning of the new school year. 

  • Teachers MUST print a hard copy of each semester for each class and submit them as part of the summer check out list.

  • Teachers are also encouraged to download a copy of the grade book as soon as grades are finalized for the current school year.

  • There is a "Download Gradebook" option within the "Tools" drop-down menu for each grade book.

  • The gradebook will then be downloaded as an Excel Document



FAQs: End of Year, Summer, and Next Year

Q: What happens to our accounts in the summer?

A: All user accounts are available for use in the summer months;  however, School Loop Support will be limited in the summer.

Q: Will School Loop be offline a lot in the summer?

A: Almost certainly more often than during the school year, but typically not for long periods of time. We reserve the right to take the system down for software releases and maintenance at any time during the summer months, but we will post system news if we plan to be offline for an extended period of time.

Q: What happens to all of our data after the end of the school year?

A: Websites are perpetual, so there's no concern about data being archived or lost. Only Website Notes are ARCHIVED before the beginning of the new school year. Teacher data such as progress reports and assignments are archived, but typically not until about 10 days before the start of the school year. See our help page about Year-to-Year Archiving for more details.

Q: What about teacher websites? Are those archived too?

A: All user sites, including teacher course sites, are perpetual. Course Website News is DELETED at the beginning of the following school year.


The following ARE ARCHIVED:

  • Assignments

  • Notes

  • Locker

  • Progress Reports

The following IS NOT ARCHIVED:

  • News