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Boo Grams, Aptos HIgh
aptos high


Halloween 2016

Costume Guidelines 2017

  1. Students who chose to wear masks that fully cover faces will be asked to remove them for class and they will be asked to identify themselves (by brief removal of the mask) when outside during passing/break and/or lunch. 
  2. No simulated weapons are to be brought on campus
  3. No enhanced reproductive body parts allowed
  4. Skirts need to be no shorter than equivalent to the length of a person’s fully stretched out finger tips when arms are at their side.

Students dressed as CLOWNS will be given Saturday School

Consequences will be determined and handed out by site administration.

Students who miss class time due to poor decisions will need to make up that class time with detention or Saturday School.

2017 Halloween Events

Buy a Halloween treat for a friend!
BOO-Grams are being sold October 26th, 
27th, and 30th at Lunch in the main quad. 
BOO-Grams are $1 each. 

Each BOO-Gram will be delivered to your friend's 5th period class on Tuesday 10/31 with candy and your special message!


Monday: Trick-or-Treat Dressed-up!
Several teachers and faculty members will have their rooms open for a school-wide Trick-or-Treat event at Lunch on Monday October 30th. Teachers with the sign on their door signifying that they are participating will pass out candy to COSTUMED Tourist Day students!

HALLOWEEN Tuesday 10/31: Costume Contest
ASB will be holding a costume contest at Lunch in the main quad on October 31th. Winners will be decided in the categories of:

  • Scariest
  • Funniest
  • Most Creative
  • Best Group (3 or more) 
  • Best Couple/Pair
  • Best Costume for Teachers


Halloween Spirit Week 2017


Wednesday 25th:
Heroes & Villians

Thursday 26th:
Terror Thursday

Friday 27th:
Fairytale Friday


Monday 30th:
Tourist Day

Trick-or-Treat to

Teacher's Classrooms!

Tuesday 31:
Halloween Costume
Costume CONTEST during lunch!

Lunchtime activities are open to all! 

Dia de Los Muertos
Dia de Los Muertos