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Stacy Aronovici

Production Stage Manager

Alina Goodman

Scenic Design

Stacy Aronovici

Lighting Design/Engineering

Joanna Lindblad

12 Angry Men + Check Please - Fall '11

12 Angry Men & Check Please!
12 Angry & Check Please!

Technical Crew

Assistant Stage Managers

Courtney Laschkewitsch, Brianna Martin, Michael Sheely

Light & Sound Crew

Glory Bodeman, Diego Cantu-Gil, Dylan Hull, Nicholas Laschkewitsch, Joanna Lindblad, Jacob Nichols, Michael Nichols, TJ Von Schmacht, Michael Sheely

Front House Managers

Melissa Dittrich, Kate Woodward

Front House Crew

Members of both casts & parent volunteers

Scenic Artists

Glory Bodeman, Becky Cassar, Alina Goodman, Spencer Johndrew, Brianna Martin, Heidi Perlmutter, , Julia Standen. Belinda Tittle, Dakota Tittle, Maddy Welty, Tommy Woodward, Sydney Woolery

Set Construction

Brad Cole, Leah Daugherty, Kevin Johnston, Mike Johnston

Costume Design

Stacy Aronovici & Cast

Costume Committee

Alexi Baker, Alina Goodman, Spencer Johndrew, Kara Jonsson, Autumn Knapp, Maddy Welty

Hair & Make Up/Wardrobe

Alexi Baker, Becky Cassar, Kara Jonsson, Autumn Knapp, Pilar Pozo, Dakota Tittle & Cast

Prop Committee

Stacy Aronovici, Melissa Dittrich, Bridget McNamara, Sydney Woolery








Cast of Characters

Juror # 1- Jacob Nichols

Juror # 2 - Rebecca Cassar

Juror # 3 - Spencer Johndrew

Juror # 4 - Sydney Woolery

Juror # 5 - Melissa Dittrich

Juror # 6 - Brianna Martin

Juror # 7 - Alexi Baker

Juror # 8 - Leah Daugherty

Juror # 9 - Richard Garrett

Juror # 10 - Dakota Tittle

Juror # 11 - Dalton Haines-Scrodin

Juror # 12 - Matthew Myres

Guard - Gabe Llamas

Judge - Alina Goodman