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Parking Permits

Aptos High School student parking is by permit only.  Parking at AHS is limited to only 350 student parking permits, so parking permits are sold on a priority basis to juniors and seniors.  At the second semester, any remaining parking permits are sold on a first-come first served basis to lower grade levels. 

Driving & Parking Agreements:

  • Driving to school is a privilege, not a right.  Students are expected to follow all vehicular codes, speed limits and parking regulations while parking on campus.
  • Students must park in designated student parking area and may now park parallel along the tennis courts (click on parking map)
  • Students must properly display a valid parking permit in order to park on campus.  Permits must be affixed (not taped on) to the vehicle lower left or right-hand side of the windshield (click on permit display).
  • Aptos High is a closed campus, students may not leave campus during the school day without prior parental permission and written authorization from the Attendance Office.
  • Parking lots are considered OUT OF BOUNDS and are off-limits during school hours, including break and lunch.  Students may not go to their cars without administrative permission.
  • Forging a parking permit will suspend your privilege to park on Aptos High School property during regular school hours.
  • Having a parking permit does not guarantee a parking spot.

Purchasing permits:

  • The student must have valid driver's license, current registration, and valid proof of insurance.
  • Permit cost is $25 (exact cash/check required)


Parking Map

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Permit Display